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28 February 2012

posted 28 Feb 2012, 09:39 by TinTrunk   [ updated 28 Feb 2012, 10:32 ]
As we prepare to bid a less than fond farewell to a miserable February, I've realised with a shock how appallingly late my February Be My Valentine Fair news is.  There's absolutely no excuse for this - well, actually there's lots, but I won't bore you with them!

Good job it was such a marvellously memorable fair and probably our best attended yet.  Keen visitors were snapping up some delicious pieces from the moment the doors opened, as well as swooping up the free new issues of the Vintage Directory and Vintagexplorer magazine tantalisingly dotted on every stall.

If you doubt our claim about the deliciousness of the pieces our visitors were snapping up, you can see copious proof of it in our biggest Visitors' Gallery EVER!

There's plenty more photos of the fair in our Facebook album too.

We turned exuberant cartwheels of joy at the fact that A Thrifty Mrs was our Finder this month.  Hurry on over to her Finds of the Fair to see exactly what she decided was worthy of her attention.  You're in for a real treat!

It was an absolute delight to see a whole huggin of our former Finders of the Fair turn out too.  We caught up with Thomas Barratt, who is busily preparing the new Teenage Market coming to Stockport Market Hall on 1st April (save the date!), as well as Anne Louise Kershaw, Old Fashioned Susie, Helen Munn and Neil Richards.  See!  These stylish and discerning folks don't just come to The Vintage Village because we make them do it!

As if all that wasn't exciting enough, our cheeks are positively burning with the responses online after the event.  A lot of people found some very nice things to say about their day at The Vintage Village:

★  Anne Louise Kershaw composed a fantastic article for Body Confidential, garnished with her own excellent photographs, which you just have to read!  I was hoping to pick a choice quote for you, but the piece is packed with so many of them I'll just have to urge you to savour it whole.

★  Sesame and Lilly - proprietors of one of the best dressed stalls we've ever seen, like ever! - brought home a few lovely pieces.

★  Not only did A Thrifty Mrs send her fabulous Finds to us in double quick time, she also managed to blog about the day too.  Cast your eyes over those beautiful photographs!

★  Mid-century homeware specialists and VV stalwarts All Mod Cons gave us a great stallholder's eye view of their day at the fair.

★ Vintage doyenne Old Fashioned Susie was gift shopping for Valentine's Day - for her mum!

★  New VV stallholder, the uber-talented retro fashion designer Collette Costello, found her fellow stallies most helpful (that's what we like to hear!)

★  And last but not least, we find it hard to believe that the accomplished vintage trader - and impeccable dresser - Strumpet's Bazaar had an attack of nerves before her Vintage Village debut last October, but apparently she did!

And Strumpet's Bazaar is a news item herself because she has agreed to be our Finder for the forthcoming Spring Fair on Sunday 11th March!  We're beside ourselves with joy!

As you can imagine, the tension is building as we prepare for the March fair in less than two weeks' time.  There's an incredible roster of traders lined up already - and more being added every day - and it promises to be another unmissable event.

Here's our Facebook Spring Fair event page with all the details - don't forget to click that "Join" button!  If you're not keen on Facebook - we understand, honest - you can find out more here.

PLUS we are returning to Salford Museum & Art Gallery on Sunday 25th March!

Two Vintage Villages in one month?  It's more than an ordinary mortal can bear!

Tom of Tom Bean's Vintage Telephones surveys his rapidly depleting stock (suffice it to say his car was much lighter on the way home!)  Photo by Sarah Norris.

Regular visitor Tracey sporting a very splendid coat.  Photo by Sarah Norris.

Riam Fox Bateman browses the furniture at Room at the Top in a vintage Swedish army jacket.  Photo by Sarah Norris.

Lynsey loves green (and red! and polka dots!)   Photo by Sarah Norris.

A trio of very stylish - and thrifty - ladies enjoy their packed lunches inside Stockport Market Hall.  Photo by Kat Lowe.